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.: --MN Fats  "From Murder to Major "

Sota Fats is the contemporary, ultra smooth, college-educated, community activist, hip-hop business impresario from the same gutter and grime whence rappers like The Notorious B.I.G. emerged. With similar swag, Fats delivers music that picks up where the late, great B.I.G. left off. (R.I.P. Biggie).

This is music that is guaranteed to make you hit your back button.

Yes, you heard me, Minneapolis, the North Star state, with deep musical roots, is offering the music industry the long awaited epitome of the Rap/Rock Star. “I have a one album retail deal with Koch Records, I will be in Best Buy, FYE, you know? I got my own bins. I retained all my publishing,” explains the hyper-savvy emcee.

Sota Fats, born Jason Brown grew up in Minneapolis. His single Rock Star Sh*t featuring Dipset’s Jim Jones has a solid budget behind it, a music video produced by Dan Kimmura of Adfx LLC (Minneapolis) and is already getting rotation on both coasts.

“I am the best looking big nigga this side of the Mississippi River !” proclaims Fats from his upcoming album The Perfect Candidate Bricks & Politiks distributed on Copycat/Koch Records, which is packed full of hits for every taste.

However, the road to success included loosing his best friend and the second half of his duo. Famis Franklin was murdered in early 2007 on a blustery cold night. “At first I was driven by the entrepreneurial side of the rap industry. Since Famis got killed the goal is to make our life long goal a reality, we are all Famis now,” whispers the passionate 27-year-old, with a determined glare. “It is no coincidence his name was Famis.”

Fats is definitely both thought provoking and grimy but at the end of the day, he is the man everyone wants to party with. His music reflects his complicated nature and daily struggles as a black man in America. One side of his persona many people will appreciate is his business savvy.

His mother was an astute business woman who insisted her son learn everything there is to know about hustling. Fats naturally grew into a contemporary business man, who often raps about his former life as a notorious street dealer however a lot has changed. Famis was murdered as he lay on his sister’s couch in crime ridden North Minneapolis , the murder is still unsolved, leaving the wound gaping for Fats and his entire crew.

“His murder was a call to action for me. It caused me to step up my game and use this talent for something that will change the way things are.”

With his best friend Famis at his side, Fats and the Weon Records Crew has been busy in their studio since 2002, making over four albums (Nation Business, Radio Mix Vol. 1-1, The Baller Street Journal, Citiology, State Rehab and MN Fats) and being featured on fifty albums. Combined, the crew has sold an estimated ten thousand albums in the upper Midwest.

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--By Kandis Knight

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MN Fats - Rockstar

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