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.: --Protegee "Still Gutta"

Nicole White known to the music world as Protégée, is a multi-dimensional artist with an understanding of change.
Her debut album "DA EP" was an intro it was the first meeting of somewhat quiet individual, a loud message, and hiphop world.
That meeting produced a second album called "Black Widow."
Now more confidant then ever Protégée is prepared to take the game by force with her third album "The Novel, Book One & Book Two."
Along with being a talented rapper. Protegee's life journey has brought her to being a Music Heritage Award winner for best new Artist,
a model a college graduate, and a recording label CEO. [Adyssi Entertainment
This ever changing, strong persistent, hip hop artist is her to stay.
What is it like being a female rapper in the Minneapolis HipHop Scene?
It’s cool, peepz have been showing mad love lately. It’s different
here though because Minne isn’t really known as a hip-hop state but we’re
receiving some national attention now and once one person blows it will
have a domino effect after that.

What would you like your fans to get from your music?
I want peepz to hear a complete artist, not a gimmicky rapper. I dig
all kinds of music so when you hear my albums you’ll hear different
styles and flows with different music. I like to keep my audience
guessing. I’m not afraid to try different things because that’s only going to
make me better as an artist…I like to expand my horizons. You’ll
always hear the hip-hop influence in my music but you’ll also hear other
influences as well.

Who have you worked with so far?
On this album I’ve worked with producers: Tori Fixx, Scyience a.ka.
Catalyst, J. Richard and a young producer from L.A. named D.E.V.O. As far as
artists I’ve worked with: Gary Hodges, Afro Preachah, and Ramario White
a.ka. Rio. On past projects I’ve worked with: James "Popeye" Greer,
Jellybean Johnson and Mark Brown.

What projects are coming up for you?
I have a few actually… I have some things that I can’t really speak on
right now because it’s still being finalized but I do have a maxi
single coming out in November for my single "Still Gutta". I’m still
working on my forthcoming album: "The Novel Book One: A Day In the Life Of…"
and I have a few modeling opportunities pending as well.

What inspired you to rap?
When I was about 7-8. Hip-Hop was real big back when I was growing up,
ya know…the whole Def Jam/Krush Groove thing was the "in" thing. I
used to beat box and rap at recess when I was in grade school. It got
serious when I was about 12-13 in junior high school when I met Tori Fixx,
we started a group and became really good friends. I wanted to become
a producer first but decided to flow instead. When I was about 17 I
knew for sure this was my destiny and that’s when Protégée was born.

What do you think about the HipHop industry today?
 I think the days of being a "true artist" is dead. It seems like a lot of peepz in the industry
are gimmicky there’s not a lot of substance or versatility in the game
right now…in my opinion. Peepz seem like they’re just trying to make
that quick dollar rather than being a true MC or producer. I think the
LOVE is dead…it’s just a way to make some money and floss about what you
got to some artists…but it’s not that way with me...I’d rather be
underground and being true to myself and doing it for the LOVE rather than
being a puppet for some record exec. who doesn’t know shit about

Where can people get your music or check you out?
Peepz can check me out


Also look out for the Still Gutta maxi single and watch for Protégée in "T-HUD" (Troy Hudson) music video and "YOHANY" music video: "AT THE BAR"
--by Wizdom





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Artist: Protegee.
Song: "Exhale."

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